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Building Materials Category is the worldwide internet database for Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Contractors, Building Materials, Construction Products, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Specialists and published in media's form of Internet 

We are now in the process of updating its database AND will be starting a completely new Catalogue-On-Line service which will be linked to the existing world-wide database Search Engine at www.buildmaterials.net

In addition to being seen by any potential purchasers, designers and contractors for searching for your specific products or services, our Catalogue-On-Line Clients will have access to all of BuildMaterials.net visitors and companies, whereby all potential markets will be notified of your latest products and news, as well as being shown your product catalogue - All done electronically through Internet

It's a fact... the world is going online, and it's only a matter of time before a Web Site address on a business card will be as common as a fax number. A high percentage of each business' customers are already on the internet. If a business is not prepared to communicate with these customers and service them online then their competition will.

The Building Materials Category is the future online database. There are many reasons why businesses are going online, but the bottom line is this ... individuals and businesses that are not online will be left behind.

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