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It is my utmost pleasure to introduce you here with our Rise Team Engineering Limited. As a comprehensive supplier, contractor, exporter and importer of building materials, we dedicated to developing our products for wider application.

@    Making safe and pleasant living space means that the invisible portions must be strong. We have changed with the progress of the modern construction and our construction materials for wall and ceilings are now forming, the heart of the modern construction projects.

@   We developed our sales network over China, Vietnam, Philippines, Macau etc., our main products including :

  • Gypsum Ceiling Suspension System

  • Curve Ceiling System

  • T-Grid Ceiling Suspension System

  • Metal Ceiling System

  • Steel Frame Drywall Partition System

  • Ceiling Access Panel

  • Fibre Cement Board and Gypsum Board

  • Raised Access Floor

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Telephone :    (852) 2763 0048      Fax  : (852) 2353 5722
E-Mail       :  rise_team@yahoo.com