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Outdoor Furniture

All the products used are resistant to extreme temperature and weather conditions. Pergolas are done where needed, customized, using timber wood and special outdoor waterproof fabric. Nature products are used in a very aesthetic way for our comfort blending with the environment, and today technology allows us to imitate nature products weaving the fiber the same way indigenous materials were used traditionally.

Lounge Pergola
 The pergola extending a shaded terrace., the outdoor world is mixing
with the indoor world, creating a new flexible cross-platform style
that works for the outside well as the inside.

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Garden and Pool Furniture
Made of stainless steel and fiber resistant to UV radiation, chlorination, high and low temperature and microorganisms.

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Outdoor Sofa
Bold elegance this outdoor sofa made of resin fiber resistant to extreme temperatures. Blends in any environment.

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Pergola with fabric tent
Pergola customized to host a dining table with 8 chairs, an extension to the conviviality of this home.

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Weaved lounge bed
Comfortable, blends nicely in a trendy garden, next to a pool,
could be used for indoor.

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