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Paint effect

Painting the ceiling and the walls with special textures using different techniques and coming up with different color mixtures is a work of art,
 it can only be done by very competent artists to reach the desired ambiance, the designer is looking for in a specific room ,in the past
the works of the great immortal artists like Michelangelo , Rafael and
 Leonardo Davinci on the walls and the domes of the chapels ,a
manifestation of esthetics, imposed immediately the mood and the
feeling desired by the job commander

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A very detailed  art work ceiling
The client wanted to have in his home a French classical effect, the artist has used a similar technique to reproduce such an effect, with paint frescos as the ones that have been used in?Versailles?palace in France.

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Wall treatment
Patina work, in a modern home giving a warmth intensified with the indirect light specially at night.


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Paint effect on column
Gold leaf treatment and special patina work on those simple gypsum columns ,ceilings and walls to give a majestic grand look to a very ordinary house in Dubai.

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Wall paint techniques
Gold leaf treatment suggesting an old look, to give a feeling of opulence.


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Special Paint treatment
With special textures reproducing wood effect or marble effect or any desired texture needed to give the effect our designer wants to have.


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