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arrow-red.gif (255 bytes) Albi-inhibitor
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arrow-red.gif (255 bytes) Albi-Guard
arrow-red.gif (255 bytes) Fire Strip arrow-red.gif (255 bytes) Albi-IFX
arrow-red.gif (255 bytes) Intumescent Coating arrow-red.gif (255 bytes) Albi-Steel
arrow-red.gif (255 bytes) Intumescent Pipe Collar arrow-red.gif (255 bytes) Fire Collar
arrow-red.gif (255 bytes) Intumescent Ventilation Grille arrow-red.gif (255 bytes) Fire Grille
arrow-red.gif (255 bytes) Sealant & Fine Barrier arrow-red.gif (255 bytes) Albi-Seal
arrow-red.gif (255 bytes) Intumescent Fine Sealbag arrow-red.gif (255 bytes) Albi-Shield






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A LBI  Flame Retardants have been specially
formulated  by  Rentikil  (UK)  to comply with
BS 476 : Part  6  and / or  Part  7  for  timber,
BS 476 : 21 for steel and BS 5438 for fabrics.

Properly  used,  ALBI  Flame   Retardants can
make  all  the  difference  between a disastrous
fire  outbreak and one that can be contained to
buy time for evacuation and for the fire brigade
to arrive.                                                        

Utilising  the intumescence   property, the ALBI
Flame   Retardant   coatings  expand   to  many
times  its  original  volume on  exposure  to heat
and  fire  thereby  insulating  the  base  material
and limiting the spread of flame.                       

The  ALBI   Flame   Retardants  also  confer  a
decorative  finish  to  the  protected  material or

ALBI-MAX : clear intumescent system for the fire protection of exposed timber to glass O performance.
ALBI-GUARD (Class O) :
intumescent white emulsion coating for the protection of all types of timber and timberbased boards to Class O performance.
white intumescent coating for the fire protection of timber and timber - based boards.
white intumescent coating for upgrading Structural Steelwork to 90 minutes fire resistance

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